A Win-Win for Everybody

With QuoteMe, you can reach all foreigners (Service Seekers) who permanently or part-time reside in Spain or own a holiday home here. The common challenge among them is the need for assistance with tasks in their homes, compounded by the language barrier as most of them do not speak Spanish.

QuoteMe provides a platform where Service Seekers can post their jobs and easily find qualified Service Providers who can help them with their needs. As a Service Provider, you can secure jobs effortlessly, while customers benefit from hiring professionals who are qualified to complete the tasks at hand. It’s a true win-win situation for all parties involved.

1. You have full control of the jobs in your area

By joining QuoteMe, you gain access to your own backend once you are registered. You can conveniently log in every day to see the latest job postings in your area. From there, you can select the jobs that align with your preferences and submit quotes. Afterward, you can await a response from the client.

2. Find a package that suits you

Our monthly packages offers an affordable and efficient solution suitable for companies of all sizes. Whether you are a freelancer or own a small business and only need to send a few quotes per month, you can opt for our small monthly package. On the other hand, if you have a large number of employees and anticipate a high volume of work, we offer larger monthly packages to accommodate your needs.

3. A top-notch platform for your business

QuoteMe is an excellent platform for new entrepreneurs looking to kickstart their business. By joining QuoteMe, you can connect with numerous potential clients who require assistance with various projects, many of which may align perfectly with your expertise and offerings.

4. Eliminate advertising and save money

QuoteMe provides a simple and cost-effective way to connect with new and existing customers without having to spend a fortune on unnecessary advertising. Traditional advertising methods often yield little results, especially when targeting foreigners who do not read Spanish newspapers and may miss your company’s promotions. With QuoteMe, you can overcome this challenge and efficiently reach your target audience.

5. Make your customers satisfied and get more jobs

If you are committed to delivering excellent results for the jobs you undertake, you are guaranteed to benefit from QuoteMe’s ratings and reviews system. This system showcases service providers who consistently perform well, leading to increased responses to their quotes and attracting more new customers in the future.

6. A new way of choosing jobs

Above all, QuoteMe allows you to tap into a completely new market consisting of foreigners who require assistance but struggle to find the right service providers. Hence, it is a significant advantage if you are able to communicate in English, ensuring effective understanding and minimizing errors. Speaking English enables smoother interactions, making it easier to cater to the needs of this diverse customer base.