A Brilliant Concept

Clients get good qualified help & Service Providers get more to do.

The idea for QuoteMe was born after a family friend of the company’s founder encountered challenges in finding a service provider to renovate their apartment in Spain. Language barriers and communication difficulties made the process complicated. However, this experience sparked the idea to create a platform that connects individuals in need of services with qualified providers, benefiting both parties involved.

By using QuoteMe, service seekers can easily find suitable service providers that speak English, while the providers themselves can connect with new customers without the need for extensive advertising. This streamlined approach allows service providers to plan their schedules more efficiently, ultimately improving their productivity.

In Spain, there is a significant number of private individuals who own villas, apartments, and even offices for their businesses. Occasionally, they require temporary assistance from service providers for various tasks such as cleaning, painting, computer repairs, and transportation.

However, finding reliable service providers who can effectively communicate in English and maintain a high level of professionalism can be challenging. Often, issues arise due to communication barriers or unfulfilled promises.

QuoteMe tackles this issue in a straightforward manner by offering a platform where private individuals can post job requests at no cost. Affiliated service providers and freelancers can then directly submit their quotes to the job posters, creating a valuable marketing opportunity for those who may face challenges in reaching out to foreigners.

By enabling job posters to review the ratings and reviews of service providers and freelancers, QuoteMe allows them to make informed decisions when hiring. This helps minimize potential problems and ensures a higher level of satisfaction with the selected service provider or freelancer.

So at QuoteMe, the platform operates on the principle of customers helping customers. By connecting individuals in need of services with qualified service providers, both parties can benefit greatly. Customers save money, time, and avoid potential problems by accessing reliable service providers through the platform. On the other hand, serious and professional service providers are distinguished from less serious ones and have increased opportunities to secure more jobs.

This creates a win-win situation where customers receive quality services, and service providers can expand their client base and grow their business.