General Information

Service seekers are individuals or organizations in need of a particular service and are actively seeking a service provider to assist them. They may be looking for a diverse range of services, including marketing, IT support, legal advice, or home repair. Service seekers often explore service providers through various channels such as online platforms. Once a suitable service provider is identified, the service seeker may enter into a contract or agreement for the provision of the desired service.

Service providers are companies, freelancers, or organizations that offer services to customers or clients (Service Seekers). These services span various industries, including business, home repair, cleaning services, finance, technology, and more. Examples of service providers encompass consulting firms, IT support companies, repair and maintenance services, as well as professional service firms such as law and accounting firms. Service providers are usually compensated for their services, whether on an hourly basis, a project basis, or a fixed price.

For Service Seekers

QuoteMe’s website currently only offers an English language option for a specific reason. QuoteMe primarily caters to foreigners residing in Spain who require assistance with various tasks in their homes. Since many Service Providers may not be fluent in English, we have chosen to have the website in English to ensure effective communication and minimize potential errors. It is worth noting that this decision may be subject to change in the future.

QuoteMe is a service that is currently available for foreigners who live in Costa Blanca and will soon be available for foreigners living in Costa del Sol.

We have chosen to focus on these areas as they are home to a large number of foreigners. However, we are open to expanding our services to other parts of Spain in the future. Our goal is to provide assistance to foreigners throughout Spain, and we are continuously exploring opportunities to extend our reach.

No, it is completely free to post a job on QuoteMe and search for service providers to assist you with your task. There are no charges or fees associated with using QuoteMe’s platform as a service seeker.

You can freely submit your job request and connect with potential service providers without incurring any costs.

Absolutely, please send us an email, and we will compare it to other suggestions.

Email to:

QuoteMe’s business idea is to assist individuals and companies in finding the best help for their home or office needs.

Therefore, it is beneficial to have reviews and ratings for all companies. When someone sends you a quote, you can quickly click on the Service Providers link and read what others have rated that company. While we can’t force anyone to do this, we would appreciate your contribution by leaving a review and rating.

You can only write a review and provide a rating for a Service Provider you have personally used.

This policy is in place to prevent spam and ensure that individuals can write genuine reviews without others trying to manipulate ratings unfairly.

If you encounter any difficulties while writing a review for a Service Provider you have used, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

For Service Providers

It typically takes approximately an hour for us to approve your application if all the required information is provided correctly. Please remember to upload a copy of your ID card or Passport for identity verification.

We offer packages starting from €39. Depending on the size of your company, you can choose what suits you best. Each package we offer includes a certain amount of credits. Each time you send a quote to a customer, a credit will be deducted from your account.

However, the first 2 months will be free, so you can try out our service and see if it suits your needs.

Yes, as long as you have an active subscription, your credits from the previous month will be saved.

However, if you end or pause your subscription, your remaining credits will be reset to zero.

This procedure is in place to verify your identity and ensure compliance with the laws and regulations in Spain.

Contact us at, and we will look into the matter.

Log in to your account, click on ‘Package,’ and you will find an option for ‘I have a coupon.’ Enter the coupon number, and all done.

If your company has changed its name, that’s not a problem. Please send us an email at, and we will assist you with the necessary steps.